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Parent's Support Group

We will resume soon!

Parent's Support Group

At Friendship Circle we care about your whole family. Beginning in March, we will have regular monthly support group meetings for our Friendship Circle parents to get together, enjoy a light Kosher nosh, and share their successes, challenges, and celebrations with one another. All parents who have navigated the sometimes difficult waters of raising a child with (or without) a disability are encouraged to attend as you might be the resource that one of our current parents needs at the moment.

Occasionally, we will offer time with specialists from different realms of the disability field to offer information from their area of expertise. For example, we might have education specialists stop by to offer insight into IEP planning or therapists or doctors drop in to offer insight into the various therapies available to minimize disruptive behaviors. If you have a topic you would like to explore at support group, please let Jeanne know for future groups.

The Parent's Support Group is intended to be a supportive group of non-judgemental adults who understand your struggles and your successes; your frustrations and your celebrations. They will be here to listen, be sympathetic, and maybe offer more solid suggestions for how to minimize the frustrations in your daily life. There are no perfect parents in this world, just those who are striving everyday to be better!

We do ask for an RSVP to these groups so that we can plan food and childcare resources effectively. So feel free to RSVP to our next support group by using the button on this page.

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