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Building friendships can be challenging. Friends@Home supports building friendships through a unique “at-home” platform. Meeting children and teens with disabilities at their home, there is a sense of comfort and tons of activities that they can enjoy with friends.


Through a thoughtful pairing process, we identify teens with similar hobbies and interests. We guide the initial introduction and first meetings helping to create a bond that pairs can then foster independently. Together, they can play games, make crafts, play sports, read books, and enjoy activities they like.


We continue to support these friendships with different DIY activities, periodic programs, and regular check-ins. We help families communicate, establish clear plans, and support difficult transitions.


The impact of this program is apparent when you hear the success stories. Pairs meeting continually throughout school and beyond continue to share how meaningful the experience has been. Hearing how friends keep in touch over the years validates the authenticity of these friendships.

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