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Rabbi Yisroel Mangel


Rabbi Yisroel Mangel, Director of Chabad Jewish Center in Blue Ash was born and raised in the Chassidic community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He is the second child in a family of six, whose father is a child-survivor of the Holocaust who derives great joy and pride in his thriving family of proud Jewish children, grandchildren.

As a child and young adult, Rabbi Mangel attended the Oholei Torah School and Talmudic Seminary in Brooklyn, following up with a rabbinical internship at the University in Washington. His education and training also included extensive travels throughout the United States, Russia, and Scandinavia, where he served as a teacher and outreach worker to foster Jewish identity and awareness, as an emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in his “Spiritual Peace Corps.” At 22 Rabbi Mangel received his rabbinical ordination from the internationally-acclaimed Central Chabad Yeshiva in Brooklyn, New York. He followed up with post-graduate rabbinic studies and research at the nearby Kollel Avrachim, where he authored numerous scholarly papers on Talmudic, Halachic, and Chassidic thought.

In December of 1990 Rabbi Mangel moved to Ohio with his wife, Chana, and one-month-old son, Mendel, to found the Chabad Jewish Center in Blue Ash in the northeastern suburbs of Cincinnati. Together, the Mangels planted, nurtured and cultivated a thriving community that brings heightened Jewish awareness and pride, with a sense of family and belonging, to Jews of all ages and backgrounds. Through their programs, classes, and outreach, with their trademark joy, passion, dedication, and love, the Mangels have touched and inspired countless people.

Rabbi Mangel is a licensed Jewish Learning Institute instructor and is well known in the community for his stimulating, insightful, and engaging adult education classes. While he loves teaching and community work, he reserves his deepest pride and joy for his children and grandchildren in Ohio, Israel, New York and Connecticut, in their respective stages of life.


Rabbi Yisroel Mangel
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