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Sunday Circle

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Sunday Circle

For one Sunday each month, all Friendship Circle Cincinnati participants are invited and encouraged to join together for a variety of fun and social activities together. These Sunday Circle times are an opportunity to celebrate each person's gifts, talents, and strengths. The activities will be varied and inclusive for all but might include times for art and creative expression, music and movement, entertainment, theater games, physical games at the gym, Kosher cooking activities, snacks, and socialization. If the hustle and bustle of the scheduled activities becomes too much for some participants, there is an option of the calm space to pursue smaller quiet activities with a teen friend. Food activities and snacks will always be Kosher following the guidelines set forth by Chabad, our parent organization.

While each Sunday Circle experience will be unique, what Friendship Circle can promise is a space where all are welcome and celebrated; where each individual will have the opportunity for socialization and new exciting experiences both individually and as part of a group where they belong; and of course, fun!

An RSVP is requested for each Sunday Circle event to ensure space and materials for all who want to participate, all at no charge to participants.

We can't wait to welcome you or your loved one to our Friendship Circle!

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