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After School Socials

After School Socials

The after school socials are an opportunity for socialization that happens each week. We will pursue one activity each week, which is advertised in the monthly newsletter, for this time of socialization. Common activities for this time period are: board games, art, cooking, drama games, bowling, or something seasonal to tie in with the current holidays that are being celebrated.

The after school social is a free, drop-off activity for kids of all abilities aged 3 and up. No RSVP is required for these experiences and there is no cost to families or children participating. By including our entire circle of friends, we are able to offer a supportive experience to celebrate each person's gifts and abilities through socialism, creativity, and fun!

To be included to receive the schedule, subscribe to our newsletter. We would love for you to be a part of our circle of friendship, support and fun!

We are currently determining the best time to offer these programs, so they are on hiatus until that information is gathered. Please take our survey to let us know when you would be able to join us for these weekly groups and to offer suggestions of activities you might enjoy!

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